True :D

True :D

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Three great tips to grow your audience on Instagram.

There are a lot of sites selling fake followers and guaranteeing that they are real. But they are not, believe it or not. Have you ever been wondering how to get more audience like followers and likes on Instagram? Let me tell you some great tips that are based on my own investigation.

I do not recommend participating in sites like Instatrain and stuff. That is right you will get a lot of followers from there, but the thing is that they are not actually interested in you at all. They are just automated followers and will very likely unfollow you. You should be targetting in real followers that are INTERESTED in you! Why would you need followers that never like your pics or neither do any kind of interaction and just hang around in your followers list? Well, now I am pretty sure that you have got my point and we can continue to the actual tips, finally. :D

1. Like photos, a lot of photos.

Choose a hashtag that describes you and your photos. If you like cars and you have a lot of photos of them, people that have #car hashtag on their photos, will more likely like your photos back or even follow you. Then go to the search tab and search photos with the hashtag you like. Now switch the viewing mode in that one that shows photos in a single file (I don’t know how is it called LOL) and like the shit out of those photos. Like as many of them as you can and if you can do even more ”in depth” work, then go to all those people’s profiles and like a few of their pictures. This is how you create interaction between you and the crowd and make them more likely be your REAL followers that are interested in you.

2. Follow people with common interests.

This part is only for the people who don’t mind if they are following more people than only their friends. Even if I do this a lot, I follow back only like 25% of all my followers.

Once again choose the hashtag we were talking about before and search photos with it. Now, try to find an account that has a lot of followers, about over 800 or 1000, doesn’t matter. These guys who are following this account are usually people who are potential to follow you back. They have this common interest with you and the account. Now start following these guys as hell, but remember that Instagram has a limit that how many accounts you can follow every 5 minutes. So follow them and take a short break and start again. After you are done with this, it’s time to wait. Wait for 3-6 hours and see how many of them follows you back. I recommend you to download an app called ”Followers+”. It is free and it shows you all the people who are not following you back, and it’s easy to unfollow them with it. After about 6 hours unfollow all the people who didn’t follow you back.

3.Interacting with your followers.

This is a very important thing if you want to turn your followers into your ”fans” and keep them following you. Now you should be following some people who are also following you back. These guys are the people who will most likely be you insta ”fans”. The task is very simple. Just like all the photos they upload on Instagram, and even better if you comment on them too. So, just like all the photos that you see on your feed. This will make them feel like they’re important to you and you will create even closer connection with them. As a result they will also like your new photos and even comment on them, and they will remember you well.

So this was my tutorial how to get real followers who are actually interested in you and not just following for nothing. I hope you guys enjoyed this and please repost to share this with everyone! And follow me on instagram if you like: @joneeeh :).



Amazing lizard. I don’t remember how is it called though.

My cute hammy :3

My cute hammy :3